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"Training Club "

1997  : He scores his most beautiful goal in dribbling 5 defenders followed by a lob on the goalkeeper.

February 1997
Having in front of them an exceptional player, Gremio offers him his first contract. He presses for the first time as a professional player Porto Alegre's mythical pitch.

Fall 1997  : Gremio refuses a 7 million euros offer by PSV Eindhoven to buy Ronaldinho's services.

November 1997  : He plays 5 times in Gremio's first team.

Estádio Olímpico Monumental

Ronnie in the suit of his first club

16th February 1998  : After his first season with the pro's, Gremio offers Ronaldo Assis a 3 year prolongation in two contracts. The first dealing with his salary. Not re-considered, it is about 1500 euros monthly. The second stipulates that his image rights, about 25 000 euros per month, will be transferred to him. Ronaldo Assis signs the contract.

But Gremio « forgets » to issue the first contract to CBF : following itself from there a sleight of hand during which the player egts his image rights back, but loses his salary. Everything is settled. At that time the Zico law is applied. Elle stipulates that, during a transaction, the club remains owner of the player's transfer rights six months after the end of contract.

14th April 1999  : Celso Roth, Gremio's new trainor, establishes him as from the beginning of the Rio Grande do Sul championship.

20th June 1999  : Championship final between Gremio and the International Porto Alegre (1-0, 0-1).The to be Ronaldinho scores the one and only goal and wins the best scorer title of the Championship with 15 achievements in 14 meetings.

"Offers for the genius from Porto Alegre "

July 1999  : Real Madrid offers 35 million dollars to buy his services.

1st January 2000  : The swiss marketing company ISL invests in Gremio an amount of 35 million euros. This basket is profitable for Gremio's new recuits but not to Ronaldinho. Yogether with his brother, he tries to re-discuss his contract. In vain.

January 2000  : Inter Milan fait offers 47 million euros. « Its the most expensive », answers Alberto Guerreiro, President of the Gremio.

February 2000  : Leeds raises the bid on Barça's request which offered 67 million euros to take Ronaldinho from Gremio. Statement by the british club: 81 millions d'euros. But Guerreiro declines the offer.

Ronaldinho also considered being a genius in Gremio

14th December 2000  : In the semifinal of Brazil Championship, Gremio loses 3-2 on Sao Caetano's pitch. Ronaldinho scores the two goals for his team.

17th December 2000  : Semi-finals. Winner 3-1, Sao Caetano kicks out Gremio.


"Transfer to PSG "

22nd December 2000  :
Beginning of the PSG case. Signing, in secret, of a contract which links Ronaldinho to Paris Saint Germain.

January 2001
Guerreiro learns the existance of a document engaging the Brazilian to the PSG. Sideways, the president of Gremio deals with the new contract of his star player. He makes public a document which envisages a 2 year prolongation with a monthly salary of 150 000 euros the first year and 213 000 euros for the second.

17th January 2001  : Paris SG informs that the youth from Gremio Porto Alegre, Ronaldo Assis, also known as Ronaldinho Gaucho, has signed for a 5 year period with PSG, as from 2001/2002 season. In Brazil, Gremio sets up an antiparisian campaign and distributes black arm-bands to supporters. Ronaldinho's brother and agent, Roberto Assis is presented as a traitor.

January 2001  : Resting on the Zico law, President Guerreiro informs himself near the FIFA to know the cost of an eventual compensation. The FIFA advances 4,3 million euros.

January 2001
PSG offers Gremio a compensation amounting to 4,3 million euros. The Brazilian leaders think it is ridiculous.

25th January 2005  : A Copa Sul-Minas match between Gremio and Figueirense (2-1), Ronaldinho transforms a free kick which is whistled by the public.

31 janvier 2001  : During the Copa Sul-Minas match which opposes Gremio tp the America-MG (3-1), Ronaldinho takes a yellow card which deprives him of his public's farewell.

12th February 2001  : Gremio seizes Rio Grande do Sul's court of work.

13th February 2001  : Brazilian justice recognizes Ronaldinho's right to perform his career wherever he wants to,but it forbids the player to sign with a new club if the latter doesn't pay a transfer compensation. It is amounted to 45,9 million euros.

15th February 2001  : Official ending of Ronaldinho's contract with Gremio . Ronaldinho is ready to take off for Paris but... (continued in Paris Saint Germain section)

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