The PSG Years

Difficult transfer to PSG

19th February 2001 : By the intermediary of his lawyer, Sergio Neves, Ronaldinho issues a case in justice so as to play abroad.

26th March 2001 : Implementation date of the Pelé Act(Law).

30th March 2001 : The judge of Porto Alegre's court of work summons CBF to refuse any issuying of documents to allow the player to leave and to warn FIFA of this decision.

10th April 2001 : Ronaldinho is in Paris, accompanied by ROberto Assis and his adviser, Eric Lovey.


13th April 2001 : First training session for Ronaldinho at Camp des Loges.

20th April 2001 : Back in Brazil, he participates, together with Roberto Assis and d'Eric Lovey, to a conciliation meeting with Porto Alegre's justice. No agreement was found.

12th May 2001 : Back in Paris, he attends the Paris SG-Lille meeting(2-2). He is introduced to the Parc des Princes' public who will give him a standing ovation.

15th May 2001
Opening day of transfers in France. Ronaldinho takes part in PSG's training session.

16th May 2001 : Ronaldinho returns to Brazil.

19th June 2001 : Tuesday, 3:10 pm, Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, flight RG8720, Ronaldinho arrives in Paris with half an hour delay to settle in the Capital with Roberto and his sister, Deisi, who manages his time table.

20th June 2001 : He officially signs his 5 year contract with Paris-SG. But LFP cannot approve lacking the departure letter.

22th June 2001 : Ronaldinho resumes training with PSG.

First training in PSG colours

"6 months would have been necessary..."

6th July 2001 : Seized by the parisian player's lawyer , the Supreme Court of Work of the Brazilian Federal Court, orders Porto Alegre's court to rule before 15th of the month.

The Parc des princes : Ronaldinho second home

18th July 2001 : FIFA convenes for the 27th July the PSG and Gremio leaders while inciting them to talk meanwhile.

27th July 2001 : In Zurich, the conciliation attemptis a failure again.

28th July 2001 : For his first Championship match, PSG is hung by Lille (0-0). Ronaldinho misses the match.

31th July 2001 : Porto Alegre's Court of Work recognizes Ronaldinho's right to work and limits to 12,2 million euros the amount that the Gremio can ask for. A decision that doesn't force the CBF to issue a departure letter.

2nd August 2001 : FIFA orders the CBF to issue the departure letter immediately and allows FFF to temporarily register the player in its club. Ronaldinho has a temporary certificate.

"First Matches"

4th August 2001 : With number 21 in his back, Auxerre, Ronaldinho plays his first match with PSG. He replaces Aloisio during 62nd minute.

11th August 2001 : First match as an established player, during the 3rd day of 1st League(L1). At Parc, Paris wins 1-0 against Sochaux.

20th August 2001 : New conciliation meeting at FIFA's head office, in Zurich. The discussions fail once again.

25th August 2001 : Clear victory of PSG over Rennes (3-0) in Championship. Ronaldinho delivers his first master pass on the first goal by Okocha.

18th September 2001 : Ronaldinho starts European Cup, at Parc against Rapid Bucarest (C3, 0-0), he plays the whole match.

First official match with PSG in Auxerre

"First goal and FIFA's decision"

14th October 2001 : First goal in L1 : a penalty achieved against Lyon at Parc des Princes (2-2, 79th minute). See the goal >>>

17th October 2001 : By order of the FIFA, PSG will have to pay a compensation to Gremio. The 2 clubs have to discuss an amount by 31st October. Otherwise, a special committee will do so.

1st November 2001 : No agreement between the two parties, FIFA fixes the compensation amount to 6,4 million euros owed by PSG to Gremio.

6th December 2001 : During C3 first round, Paris is kicked out at Parc by the Rangers (0-0, 3 penalty shoot outs by 4)

8th January 2002 : Afer more than 2 months without success, Paris wins against Guingamp (3-1) in the League Cup quarterfinals. Ronaldinho, enters after halftime, scores 2 goals. See the goals >>> | >>>

11th February 2002 : PSG pays 4,79 million euros to Gremio. If the amount is lower than the 6,4 million fixed by the FIFA, the parisian club engages itself to pay 5% of Ronaldinho's next transfer to Gremio who raises the complaints against its former player.

"Best scorer "

16th March 2002 : Paris-Troyes (29th day, 3-1). First double in L1 for Ronaldinho. See the goals >>> | >>>

4th May 2002 : The Paris-SG finishes 4th in L1. With 9 achievements in 28 matches, Ronaldinho ends best scorer of the club.

July 2002 : PSG leaders claim that Ronaldinho cannot be transferred.

21th July 2002 : Ronaldinho resumes training with PSG.

3rd August 2002 : Judging his physical state inconvenient, Fernandez decides to delay his return.

Cold in Paris, Ronaldinho tries a new hair cut

"2002/2003 Season"

Ronaldinho is from now on the new PSG star

9th August 2002 : First appearance in the season in Championship, home against Ajaccio (2-2). He plays in substituting Cardetti during 64th minute.

31st August 2002 : For Nice's arrival (1-1), he replaces Domi during 58th minute.

11th September 2002 : For his entry as established player, he plays the whole match. But Paris loses 2-1 in Lille.

19th September 2002 : PSG victory during first round of C3 against Ujpest (3-0). Ronaldinho opens the score. See the goal >>>


26th October 2002 : Carried by a sparkling Ronaldinho , PSG wins against Marseille (3-0). He scores the first 2 goals.

Ronaldinho the first best scorer of a long series of consecutives wins with Paris Saint Germain against Olympique de Marseille (9 victoiries all competitions regarded) See the goals >>> | >>>

Ronaldinho shows all his genius against OM

"Black period"

A period to forget for Ronnie

22nd novembre 2002 : 2 days after Ronaldinho's friendly match with Brazil in Seoul, Paris loses at Parc against Nantes (1-0), he plays 34 minutes.

8th December 2002 : Nantes kicks out PSG from League Cup (3-2). Landreau pushes back a penalty by Ronaldinho which will long be talked of.

12th December 2002 : Against Boavista, during first round of C3, a panalty by Silva (55' ) kicks out PSG.

19th December 2002 : New penalty scored by Ronaldinho at the end of the match against Bordeaux (84') (1-1) in championship, and first whistles from the public

28 December 2002 : Without Ronaldinho who stayed in Brazil for dental care. The player is first compelled by his team mates to explain himself. Then Fernandez places him out of the team.

2 January 2003 : 6 days after the official resumption, Ronaldinho is back to training. Laurent Perpère issues a warning and a fine.

"Most beautiful goal of the season ! "

22nd February 2003 : Afternoon in Guingamp, Didier Drogba, the other players and the fans havee seen a breeze pass by during the 20th minute. Ronaldinho from midfield, came to tease the whole defense ti score a goal whiwh will later be crowned most beautiful goal of the season 2002/2003". See the goal >>>

A goal from nowhere !

"His best match ! "

9 mars 2003 : In the great meetings, during the 55 th minute, he goes alone from the midfield and dribbles Runje, Marseille's doorman, leaving the whole defense behind him. During the end of the match, he gives, with almost the same way, the 3-0 goal to Jérôme Leroy (84').
See the goal >>>

Ronaldinho declares after this match : "Il always present during big rendez vous"

Unforgettable Match


12th March 2003 : Luis Fernandez announces his withdrawal from PSG for the end of the season. The President Perpère hopes to keep Ronaldinho.

19th April 2003 : 75th minute of Nantes-PSG, Fernandez replaces Ronaldinho by Aloisio. Surprised as well as upset, the Brazilian midfilder, who was to perform a free kick lets his anger burst out while leaving.

25th April 2003 : Francis Graille succeeds; Laurent Perpère at the head of PSG. Concerning Ronaldino, he declares : « I'd like him to stay but is it still possible ? ».

27th April 2003 : At Parc against Bordeaux, Ronnie plays a marvellous match again and scores two goals of which a great lob! and brings Paris to France Cup final.
See the goals >>> | >>>

A goal worthy of a genius against Bordeaux !

20th May 2003 : Last match of Championship between Paris and Rennes (0-0), Ronaldinho leaves during 55th minute.

"Lost challenge ! "

31st May 2003 : Ronaldinho discobers the Stade de France, he promised himself he would bring Paris a new title before leaving but Auxerre wins the France Cup final (2-1). Ronaldinho knows that he will have to leave the captial and bid farewell to parisian public away from his mythical stadium.


"Long discussions..."

3th June 2003 : Beginning of the discussions between Francis Graille and Roberto Assis.

7th June 2003 : Real Madrid wants to hire him in 2004.

19th June 2003 : Meeting between Ronaldinho and Sir Alex Fergusson in Ville-d'Avray, where the Seleçao is staying. A 21 million euros offer is proposed.

2th July 2003 : PSG pushes back the new offer from Manchester United, smaller than the one from Barcelona.

11th July 2003 : Barça offers 27 million euros plus 3 million profit-sharing. In the tread , Manchester verbally offers 30 million plus 5 million profit-sharing.

16th July 2003 : Manchester returns and offers about 27 million. Barça definitely keeps the avantage.

19th July 2003 : Ronaldinho is in Barcelona, he no longer belongs to Paris Saint Germain.


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