March 1995 : Ronaldinho cries all the tears of his body as he is convened by Rio de Janeiro before flying to Glasgow and London to play with the young selection of the Seleçao.

16th March 1997 : In Paraguay, he becomes Southern American champion together with the 'under 17 years' .

6th September 1997  : He takes part in the World Championship (under 17), in Egypt. During the opening game, Brazil inflicts a defeat to l'Australie (7-0). Ronaldo Assis scores the 6th goal on penalty.

18th September 1997  : In semi-fials, Brazil crushes Germany 4-0, Ronaldinho scores the last goal, once again on penalty.

21th September 1997  : In Cairo, Brazil and Ronaldo de Assis become World Champions (under 17) after beating Ghana (2-1). He is crowned best player in the tournament.

Ronnie wears the shirt he has always dreamt of

"The revelation ! "

30th June 1999  : Brazil starts the Copa America in Paraguay. Ronaldo Assis is called in the last minute to replace Leonardo. Against Venezuela,he replaces Alex during the 72nd minute. Onlt two minutes later on his first touch, he marvellously scores (74th ).

July 1999  : Brazilian magazine Placar starts a vote in order o find Ronnie a name. A suggestion takes more than 50 percent of the votes : Ronaldinho Gaucho, in reference to his birth region where cattle is important and many are cowboys
de bétails, les gauchos.

18th July 1999  : The public asks for him. Luxemburgo seems deaf to this request. Ronaldinho Gaucho enters the last quarter time for the semi-final won against (2-0), but doesn't play for the final, won 3-0 versus Paraguay.

24th July 1999  : In Guagalajara, during the opening of the Confederations Cup, Brazil crushes Germany (4-0). Ronaldinho scores the 2nd goal during the 70th minute.

28th July 1999  : Against the United States, he scores the only goal of the match.

30th July 1999  : New goal against New Zealand (2-0, 88th ) during the last pool match.

For each goal scored, Ronaldinho raises his fingers to the skies and dedicates it to his father.

1st August 1999  : In semi-finals in Guadalajara, Brazil currycombs Saudi Arabia (8-2). Ronaldinho scores a triplet.

4th August 1999  : Confederations Cup final. In Mexico City, Brazil loses 4-3 against Mexique. Ronaldinho Gaucho ends being best scorer of the tournament with 5 goals and is crowned best player in the tournament.

"2000 : The Luxemburgo issues"

The Brazilian public has always defended Ronaldinho, the future of the Selection

6th February 2000  : Southern American trophy which opens the doors to Olympic Games ends in Brazil and Chile qualifying. Ronaldinho ends best scorer with 9 goals in 7 matches.

28th March 2000  : Beginning of the preliminary round for the 2002 World Cup. La Seleçao is satisfied with a draw (0-0) against Colombia. Elber's substitute, Ronaldinho plays 22 minutes.

26th April 2000  : Forecast to play againt Equador, Ronaldinho is drawn aside at the last moment, Luxemburgo reproached him an excess of weight . Ronaldinho threatens to leave the camp.

4th June 2000  : For having shown his flat belly, Luxemburgo draws him aside from the Selection which plays against Peru in Lima (0-1).

28th June 2000  : Back in selection against Uruguay (1-1), Luxemburgo continues to carry out a hard life. The public talks for the player and calls Luxemburgo a torturer, .

18th July 2000  : Injured at one knee, Ronaldinho cannot play the meeting against Paraguay. Brazil loses 2-1.

26th July 2000  : Ronaldinho finds his sélection again for a crucial match against Argentina (1-1). Pressed by the general opinion, Luxemburgo offers establishment to Ronnie. Brazil wins 3-1.

14th September 2000  : First Match for Brazil in the Sydney Olympcis. With Ronaldinho, la Seleçao beats Slovakia (3-1).

23rd September 2000  : In quarterfinals, Cameroun kicks out Brazil due to a golden goal (2-1). Ronaldinho offered extra time to his team by transforming a free kick 10 seconds from the end of normal time. Following this defeat, Luxemburgo is fired.

An unequalled technicality in Seleçao

16th February 2001  : Leao, the new manager, calls him for two fiendly matches, on the 3rd and 7th March, against the United States and Mexico.

3rd March 2001  : At Rose Bowl of Pasadena, wins gainst the United States. Ronaldinho scores the first goal during the 25th minute.

28th March 2001  : Brazil goes to Equador to play a preliminary meeting of the World Cup 2002. Ronaldinho will train with San José, a small club in Porto Alegre. In Quito, he is transparent, Brazil loses 1-0.

"World Cup 2002"

1st June 2002  : Ronaldinho plays his first World Cup

3rd June 2002
2 days before the opening of the World Cup, Brazil beats Turkey (2-1). Established, Ronaldinho is replaced in 67th minute by Denilson.

8th June 2002  : For its second match, Brazil crushes China (4-0). Ronaldinho scores the 3rd goal (45' ) before leaving during halftime.

17th June 2002  : In Kobe, Brazil beats Belgium in second round (2-0). After being the one who made Rivaldo's goal happen, (67th ), Ronaldinho yields his place to Kleberson during 81st minute.



One of the most beautiful goals of this World Cup

21st June 2002  : Quarterfinal between Brazil and England. During the first period extra time, Ronaldinho goes full axis, gets rid of Cole , and passes to Rivaldo who equalises. 50th minute : Ronaldinho does a free kick, 30m from the English goal. He ridicules Seaman. 3 minutes later a foul, Mills will cause his first red card. See the goal >>>

23rd June 2002  :
Ronaldinho takes a suspension match, thus deprived of semifinals.

30th June 2002  : Exactly three years after his marvellous goal against Venezuela, Brazil in Yokohama, beats Germany (2-0) thanks to a double by Ronaldo and becomes World Champion for the fifth time. Ronaldinho leaves 5 minutes to the end of the match.

"Ronaldinho "10"

21st August 2002  : Hardly come back from Paris, Ronaldinho goes back to Brazil to play against Paraguay (0-1) a prestigious meeting.

20th November 2002 : Ronaldinho's departure for Seoul. Il y dispute la partie amicale qui oppose la Corée du Sud au Brésil (2-3).

23rd June 2003  : Beaten by Turkey (2-2) in Saint-Etienne,Brazil is kicked out of Confederations Cup 2003.

Summer 2004  : Ronaldinho n°10 of Seleçao

18th August 2004  : Performs a double against Haïti (6-0) in a friendly match with Seleçao of which a marvellous goal

20th May 2004  : Ronaldinho is back in Paris. With la Seleçao, he plays a friendly match against France in Saint-Denis (0-0) for the centenary of the FIFA.

17th November 2004  : In Quito, he honours his 50th selection by beating Equador (0-1), in World Cup 2006 preliminary round.



"Confederations Cup 2005"

June 2005  : Ronaldinho is voted Captain for the Confederations Cup 2005

16th June 2005
A Leipzig, Ronaldinho and Brazil enter the Confederations Cup by a victory 3-0 over Greece.

25th June 2005  : In semifinals Brazil kicks out Germany (2-3).

29th June 2005  : Great victory of Brazil over Argentina in Confederations Cup final (4-1). Ronaldinho scores the 3rd goal (47th ).

"World Cup 2006 preliminary round"

4th September 2005  : In Sao Paulo, Brazil after winning 3-1 against Bolivia, Ronaldinho scores a second goal. Brazil ends first in the group preceding Argentina during this last match, which was till then the leader.
Watch all the matches and the final chart >>>

"World Cup 2006"

13th June 2006  : Brazil wins his first match against Croatia with only one goal by Kaka (1-0). The strenght of the séléçao déçois...

18th June 2006
Victory 2-0 against Australia. Ronaldinho doesn't show all his genius since the beginning of the World Cup.

22nd June 2005  : Big surprise, la Séléçao is led 1-0 by the Japanese . Brazil attacks and finally wins the match 1-4. Everyone sees Brazil rise in power !

27th June 2006 : Easy match against Ghana in second round, victory 3-0



Huge deception...

1st July 2006  : Who would think Ronaldinho would miss his World Cup, by losing against a country in which he lived during 2 years. On the night of the 1st July 2006, la Séléçao is beaten by France 1-0 on a goal by Thierry Henry.

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